WH-S900-O PTZ IP camera – Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

  • Wide range video surveillance
  • Pan, Tilt and Zoom functionality
  • Remote control by PTZ
  • 36x Optical Zoom
  • Rotation speed up to 380 degree per second
  • IP66 Outdoor waterproof

 WH-S900 PTZ network camera - iPro Astro - Advanced Pan Tilt Zoom

WH-S900-O PTZ IP camera Introduction

The iPro Astro WH-S900-O PTZ IP camera is high performance for the wide range motional surveillance. The PTZ camera combines high definition and 24/7 video surveillance capability. It is very suitable for sport and outdoor surveillance monitoring.


Even if the light is dim in the evening, the monitored objects can still remain visible and clear. Example such as car license plate or facial details can be identified. The PTZ camera uses 36x optical zoom lens provides high definition Images. It made it very easy to capture details of an object in far distance.


The WH-S900-O PTZ is also combined with high speed motor featuring fast speed adjustment in pan and tilt, camera speed up to 380° per second. Application such as highway/freeway traffic monitoring and parking lot monitoring are suitable for the product.


The PTZ camera provides high performance and cost efficient for video surveillance solution. The WH-S900 PTZ is weatherproof and passed IP66 international certification in waterproof and dustproof standard. The camera is tested to perform in all harsh environments.


Powerful Video-Processing chip

The powerful Video-Processing chip enhancing image quality automatically processed such as strong backlighting, bright highlights and deep shadows.


  • Outstanding image quality
  • Exceptional dynamic range
  •  Captures more detail

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

WH IP camera - Wide Dynamic Range






















DSS (Digital Slow Shutter)

This slow AE function ensures you get all the details even under adverse the bright highlights Conditions.


wh IP camera - DSS (digital slow shutter)









Advanced Day& Night functionality (ICR)

The Day & Night function provides enhanced night viewing by increasing the IR sensitivity.


WH IP camera - day and night funtionality




















Advanced 8 Privacy Zone Masking

WH IP camera - Privacy functionality



Powerful 36x Zoom

The Powerful function of 36x optical zoom easy License Plate Capture


WH IP camera optical zoom



Pan/Tilt Control functionality
For the remote control of the pan/tilt functionality via internet or network, you can adjust the camera's viewing angle by simply clicking the Up/Down/ Left/Right button, enable you to easily move the camera lens to focus on the object which you want to monitor.


  • Pan - Left and Right up to 360 degrees
  • Tilt - Forward and Backward up to 90 degrees


64 Preset Settings for a Multiple point Auto-patrol surveillance

WH PTZ preset position




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