The IP camera for home video surveillance solution, many things in life that are worth to protect, such as our families, home valuables, property, and of course, ourselves.

WH IP Surveillance solution, offer 24/7 surveillance protection, to meet your home surveillance needs. Most people would do almost anything in order to protect their families and create a safe home. No doubt, everyone has the potential to be victims of crime, people concerned with break and enter and various property crimes like vandalism. We hope it will never happen, but it is truth that we live in an open society where we share public places with the potential criminals or invaders. To make our home reasonably safe, it must be fortified with an efficient video surveillance system.

Enhance your home security of video surveillance
Research has shown that an effective video surveillance system, can lead to a reduction in the opportunity of crime. Normally the decisions about security measures for our home, of based on budgetary constraints, but we have to think how much we may pay for the loss or destruction if an unfortunate event occurred. WH understands your demand and provides a flexible, cost-effective, efficient solution for securing your home.

Let's look how intelligent IP surveillance technology, can provide a good security solution for your home:

Intelligent technology of home security surveillance
When the goal is to protect yourself and your families at home, monitoring home security systems offer true peace of mind. The WH IP camera is an intelligent technology of home security protection, captures high-quality digital images from any corners of your house. Unlike analog camera, IP camera requests no coaxial cable, you can easily connect it to the existing network and the video images can be stored onto the hard disk of the PC.

Pan Tilt Zoom function for your home surveillance
The WH PTZ IP camera, with pan, tilt, and zoom functionality allow you to control the direction and angle of the camera, to meet your home surveillance needs. WH IP video surveillance software, which provides the easiest, quickest way to manage and control the IP camera of the PTZ camera from any location at any time.

Motion detection to detect the invader
Home detect of the invaders The WH IP camera of the PTZ camera with build-in motion detection, is able to detect the invaders, in the selected areas and send an automated e-mail alert to you or the security personnel, also can be connected to a variety of external devices, such as IR-sensors, switches and alarm relays, gives a real-time situational awareness and people can respond quickly to crises or security breaches in order to better mitigate damage and help save lives.

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