The substantial value of security surveillance using IP camera

Wireless camera is being deployed quickly from carry video and voice across network. Worldwide, people are realizing the value of wireless camera; it brings more convenience for security surveillance

WH devoted to developing the advanced wireless camera for the fast-growing market, IP-based security and surveillance solutions, enables the users to easily install IP camera in areas where Ethernet cabling is not readily available, create more flexible IP security and surveillance solutions.

A Flexible and extend solution based on IP network

From wireless infrastructure within buildings and between buildings, wireless camera the ultimate mobile networking environment to run data, voice and video applications. Wireless LAN networks and Wireless outdoor bridges ideally are suitable for transmitting video and surveillance information from wireless IP camera, enabling easy expansion of surveillance networks in a flexible way. It also enables easy changes of remote cameras whenever needed, provides the users a secure, cost effective, flexible and manageable solution for security surveillance.

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