The WH IP camera is designed for managing large video IP Surveillance. IP camera provides remote access, simpler, flexible and cost effective, easy for management of video surveillance software, high-quality video images, and wide range IP video surveillance solution.

IP Surveillance, around the worldwide requires a scalable system this is designed for maximum mobility and efficiency. By taking IP-Surveillance advantage of WH selection of IP camera, include fixed, PTZ and PTZ dome with pan tilt zoom ability, the powerful IP Surveillance camera system can be established to fit indoor/outdoor or day/night surveillance requirement

Remote access

You can remote access real-time video and the video can be recorded from any PC at the remote locations via computer internet or the network. IP camera Surveillance provide powerful application assigns the user with a per-defined user ID and password, allowing the user to modify the camera, settings from the remote site via LAN or Internet. Also, advanced mobile phones, PDA's that provide Internet access allow users to view live images from their IP camera at anytime via IP network.

Simpler, flexible and cost effective

WH IP camera with build-in web server, you can plug the camera into an Ethernet network, or connect it to wireless networking via 802.11 technologies, no PC requested. The IP-based video streams can be routed all over the world, using a variety of interoperable infrastructures. Wherever you can get connection to a Internet or network, you can easily install the IP surveillance cameras and view the images anytime you want.

Network IP-Surveillance also has the advantage of being highly cost-effective. The IP camera installation costs are low since the system can be run on existing computers; no dependence on specialized cable network, or analog electronics, the cost is less expensive than traditional coax and fiber. Images can be stored on standard PC hard disks, also save the cost of VCR and tapes.

Easy for management of video surveillance software

The video surveillance software supplies the basis for video management, monitoring, analysis, and recording.
Enable motion detection setting and setup automated e-mail alerts for security, the built-in microphone provides you with the audio function, allowing you to " watch " and "listen" from the IP camera. When new firmware is available, you can also upgrade remotely over the network.

High-quality video images

IP camera with high performance color CCD sensor differs from interlaced scan in that the image is displayed on a screen by scanning each line or row of pixels in a sequential order rather than an alternate order, as it done with interlaced scan. If offers the viewer a smooth image and is perfectly suited for viewing fine details with less susceptive.

Wide range of IP video surveillance solution

Apply the WH IP camera to monitor various objects and places such as home, office, government, factory, harbor, store, banks, parking lot, school, hospitals, child-care centers, amusement parks and other varieties of industrial and public monitoring. For more information, please see IP video surveillance solution.

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