The remote monitoring system of IP camera and CCTV camera, provide wide ranging remote monitoring and enables viewing of real time digital video over the Internet from any locations at any time. IP camera IP surveillance system for remote monitoring is ideal for sharing high-quality video streams through existing network infrastructure.

IP camera provide wide ranging remote monitoring

Utilizing wired or wireless IP network, WH IP camera provide you with wide ranging possibilities for remote monitoring solution. Simply connect a WH IP camera directly to a PC and seamlessly connect to a whole range of wired and wireless Ethernet devices, the authorized users can easily access real-time video directly by web browser from any locations via the LAN or Internet.

Remote monitoring of IP IP cameras

WH remote monitoring system of IP camera products include fixed, PTZ, PTZ dome, vandal proof and outdoor IP camera are focused on applications such as remote monitoring and security surveillance, and provide you a flexible, cost-effective and future-proof solution.

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