PTZ camera and speed dome are most useful allows the scene that is viewed to be controlled by an operator sitting at a PC. This operator can control the direction and angle of the camera as necessary, provides wide coverage with pan, tile and zoom functionalities. The PTZ camera or speed domes typically have a zoom option that will allow the operator to focus on parts of a scene, such as zooming in on a suspected perpetrator. PTZ camera and speed dome also able to automatically scans back and forth over a certain portion of its range. Normally they should be protected and shielded from view by an opaque enclosure, so that it is difficult for a would-be perpetrator to tell where the camera is actually aimed.

PTZ camera and speed dome may be employed during a fixed portion of the day, such as the lunch period, if an operator is available to watch and track suspects with these cameras. Using the PTZ camera and speed dome overseeing the wide area, the operator is able to watch suspected perpetrators at any time from any locations.

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