WH IP camera combines traditional CCTV camera system; with VCR CCTV systems relay on analog signal transmission, it uses dedicated cameras, cables, multiplexers, video recorders and monitors. The images from the analog video surveillance camera, CCTV which mounted in a fixed location are transmitted via a copper coaxial cable for viewing on a dedicated monitor and recording on the video cassette recorder (VCR).

Traditional CCTV cameras system with DVR

DVR connected directly to analog CCTV camera, devoted to digitize and compress the video images and store them onto the hard disk. DVR technology is in the process of replacing the traditional VCR technology used in many CCTV camera systems. A DVR provides better recording image quality and longer recording duration than VCR, you can also retrieving video images from any specific time or date of CCTV camera.

Traditional CCTV cameras system with IP Network DVR

IP-Surveillance connect analog CCTV camera, to the IP Network DVR, the data communication works through network and you can access remote monitoring, recording, playback and setup the DVR by the software on a PC from any remote locations.

Network IP-Surveillance system with video server

Network IP-Surveillance by Video server, are the key to transforming analog video into digital video, distribute compressed live video over a LAN or Internet, making it possible to migrate toward a digital system without having to discard functional analog equipment. Video servers uses standard PC server for video recording and management, connect your existing analog CCTV camera to video server and connect the video server to the IP network and the video images can be transmitted to any PCs in any locations and be stored on computer hard drives.

IP Surveillance system with IP cameras

Insert the RJ-45 connector into the Ethernet port of the WH IP camera, IP Surveillance  connect the Ethernet cable to the network, the IP camera can work independently and do not need to be connected to any PCs, you can operate the camera, view and record the video images at the remote location wherever there is an IP network.

IP-Surveillance camera system using POE

In brief, POE delivers both data and electrical power by standard network cabling. The uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides power to the IP camera, by the same cable as the one used for network connection through POE. Using POE, you eliminate the need to place the IP camera near the power outlet, its saves cost and time by not having to run a separate power cable for your IP camera.

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