IP based Security Camera for surveillance system

Security camera is used commonly in security systems. The build-in web server enables live video to be viewed remotely by authorized personnel over Internet or LAN. It is easily integrated into complex security systems or functions as stand-alone solution in entry-level surveillance applications, offers the users a cost-effective and simple way for security monitoring and video surveillance.

IP security camera's high resolution image quality provides more detail and enables functions such as pan, tilt and zoom, and also allows for automated notification of alarm conditions, motion detection and other events to response security personnel.

Once running the IP security camera, the administration of the security surveillance system is both simpler and less labor intensive than traditional CCTV system. The system can start recording automatically and the video images can be stored onto computer hard disk or the storage server, users do not have to change and take care of video tapes.

In today's surveillance technology, IP security camera is becoming more important than ever before, it is the future for true security surveillance integration and provide you a more cost-effective and flexible solution for the security protection.

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