The WH IP camera is designed for large IP video surveillance. IP camera application such as home, office, government, retail, store, factory, banks, public, harbor, parking lot, hospital, internet, school, industrial, airport, and warehouse surveillance, to meet your harsh indoor, outdoor, and day/night  video surveillance needs.

The IP camera combined web server of real-time images has become an increasingly important source of information for remote surveillance. Network IP camera is able to captures and transmits high-quality digital video images through existing network infrastructure, allows users to remote and monitor from any location at any time.

The inadequacy of the traditional CCTV video surveillance system is that you will have a hard time finding the captured images from the tapes when some events happened. The administration of IP surveillance is simpler and less labor intensive than CCTV system due to the video images can be recorded and managed easily by management video surveillance software.

The high quality of the video images from IP camera, WH IP surveillance include PTZ camera, PTZ dome, fixed and vandal proof camera, provide you more details and wide range video surveillance application, help the security personnel to make better and faster decisions for the events concerning security.

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