The WH IP camera for hospital video surveillance solution, every day people come and go in the hospitals patients, physicians, staffs and even visitors. How to give them a safe hospital environment is very important. With advanced IP camera for video surveillance, hospitals are able to give much better service to them and make them feel much safe.

In the hospital, there are hundreds of rooms, high-value equipment’s, and many exist and entrances around the buildings. The hospital administrator has to assure that the people and properties are kept secure and safe, and those places should be monitored day and night effectively.

The traditional analog CCTV camera video surveillance system requires time consuming labor and the image quality is not good enough, security personnel has to spend long time for finding the tapes when the special event happened, and sometime they even cannot see what’s going on from the poor-quality images.

Remote monitoring improve security efficiently

The WH IP camera video surveillance system which is able to remote monitoring over the existing LAN or Internet could help the hospitals to solve the above problems and improve their security efficiently. The security personnel can easily access and control all the IP camera or PTZ camera by the powerful video surveillance software or by web browser from any location which connected to the network, and records the high-quality video images onto the hard drive or storage server. If you already invested in the CCTV system, it is very simple to converting your analog cameras by connecting them to WH video server is the most cost-effective way for you to upgrade the system.

The powerful functions of IP camera, such as day and night, pan tilt zoom ability, two-way audio communications and motion detection can even enhance hospital security even more, provides the patients, visitors and staffs a real secure environment.

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