IP camera

IP camera has its own IP address and a built-in web server, enabling captures and transmits good-quality live audio/video through your network to the Internet without being connected to a PC.

It has greater functionality than analog camera, simply plug it directly into the existing network, it allows the authorized users to view the video from it by the standard web browser after enter the user name and password, no coaxial cables and additional equipment requested.

The high resolution image quality provides more detail and enables functions such as pan, tilt and zoom, and also allows for automated notification of alarm conditions, motion detection and other events to response personnel. The build-in microphone can transmit audio through the same network cable, this enhancement can be particularly useful for providing further positive identification of an individual by their voice.

IP camera makes the security and surveillance much flexible and extendable.It is simpler and less labor intensive than analog one, provide you a more cost-effective and flexible solution for the surveillance solution.

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