The WH IP camera is an internet camera – fixed, fixed dome, vandal dome, PTZ, PTZ dome – with built-in web server over network or internet, to provide live image and can be increase security protected via the Internet, rapidly are becoming a trend. The internet camera is IP network standard, provide high quality image for 24/7 video surveillance requirement.

Internet camera with built-in web server

With build-in web server, Internet camera capture and transmit live images directly over LAN or Internet, no need to be connected to a PC and can be installed wherever there is a network connection.

Internet camera provide live image

Seeing is believing, Internet cameras delivers the current live image of the products, customers can see the real-time video directly from the web site, allows customers to see the products in your store remotely, and helps them to make great purchase decisions.

For items that have an ‘action’ associated with them, video images can show customers how effectively a product actually works or how easy it is to use.

The IP camera is an internet camera, type include fixed, PTZ, and PTZ dome camera, provide day/night video function, ideal for indoor and outdoor environment of the IP video surveillance requirement.

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