IP based Network camera for round-the-clock surveillance

Network camera performs many of the same functions as the standard analog one, but with greater functionality at substantially lower costs and more flexible and extendable. With build-in web server, it can capture and transmit high quality video image over the existing IP network, enable users to view, record and manage video remotely over the IP-based network infrastructure.

The powerful functionalities such as pan, tilt and zoom allows the scene that is viewed to be controlled by an operator sitting at a PC, provides wide coverage monitoring. The automated notification of alarm conditions, motion detection and other events is able to give the quick response to the security personnel.

Access of IP camera can be restricted so only authorized persons can view the images, or live video can be posted on a company's web site, offers broad applications for security surveillance. The high-quality video images provide more detail from the remote monitoring location and allow for automated notification of alarm conditions, motion detection and other events to response personnel.

IP based surveillance solution makes the security and surveillance much flexible and extendable. It is simpler and less labor intensive than using the analog system, the additional costs related to the installation and deployment such as coax cabling, monitors and video recorders are eliminated, provide you a more cost-effective and flexible solution for the surveillance solution.

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